At Centre Island we have built a strong trading position and reputation through an adopted strategy based on our management philosophy, close monitoring of the marketplace, realistic and strategic product placement and maximisation of key business sectors.

Management Contracts

Centre Island seeks independent management agreements with developers, owners and banks to operate hotel assets on their behalf.

We have been managing hotels for over 20 years and offer a range of management services, tailored to meet all client requirements and business needs. We use a systematic and robust approach towards all disciplines, ensuring regular review, results monitoring and accurate forecasting.

Hotel Development

Careful examination of the hotel marketplace ensures strategic development of new ventures.

By having access to some of the world's largest franchisors, we can assist in assuring best value in terms of development opportunity for proposed sites, delivered on time and to budget.

Revenue Management

Our revenue management approach is paramount to the success of each of our hotels. With a heavy focus on Rev-PAR, supply and demand and pricing policies, we work objectively to maximise revenue generated through corporate and leisure segments.

Human Resources

A strong people-centric culture exists within Centre Island as we recognise our people as our biggest asset. We strive to employ and develop great people who share our passion for success and who epitomise our values.

Sales and Marketing

We integrate our sales and marketing approaches to support revenue generation across all business areas. We utilise traditional sales techniques and contemporary digital marketing channels to bring impactful and effective campaigns to the market place.

Financial Control

Each of our hotel teams work closely with the Group Financial team to closely monitor business levels based upon a robust review process that takes into account procurement, budgeting, expenses and auditing.

Quality and Standards

Centre Island has built a strong reputation of providing high quality product and service delivery. We invest heavily in product maintenance and staff training to ensure protection of shareholder assets and the delivery of great guest experience throughout our hotels.

We are constantly seeking new ventures and opportunities to expand our established portfolio, if you think you’re a good fit for Centre Island or think you could benefit from our services, please enquire today.

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