Environmental Policy


Our Approach

Centre Islands Hotels will:

Conduct its business in a manner that seeks to minimize adverse affects upon the environment and delivers benefits to staff, guests and local community.

This will be achieved through:

Environmental Legislation:

Centre Island will comply with all environmental legislation.

Energy Efficiency:

Centre Island seeks to achieve sustainable operations that adhere to our environmental policy aligning to business strategies that support the conservation of energy usage.

The Community:

Centre Island seeks to increase positive involvement within the wider community in order to achieve better alliance within existing community based organisations.


Centre Island will ensure that all staff members work and act in a responsible and sustainable manner. Staff will receive training that complies with all environmental legislation.


Centre Island will seek to work with suppliers who support our environmental policy.

Environmental Improvement:

Centre Island will regularly monitor the effects of its business which have direct implications on the environment to ensure that we develop effective and practical measures that minimize the impacts of our operations on the environment.

Environmental Reporting:

Centre Island will provide copies of our environmental program on request as well as any other relevant documentation related to the environmental performance of our hotels.


Hotel Operations

Centre Island has a methodology of operating strong financially performing hotels within a high performance employee culture based upon a systematic and robust approach to hotel management.



Hotel Development

Centre Island has developed a set of well tested and established criteria for any proposed hotel developments.